From $92,000 a year salaries to spa treatments to shiny Range Rover’s – Rich Brits are stopping at nothing to woo nannies for their little ones.

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It’s an excellent time to be a nanny, at least in London. If nanny agency Polo and Tweed’s comments about the current hunt for the best nanny in town are anything to go by, it’s clear- the nanny wars are on! Lucy Challenger, the founder of upscale London nanny agency Polo and Tweed, told the Sunday Telegraph that a current shortage of nannies and au pairs post-Brexit has pushed wealthy families to poach their friends’ nannies. People don’t work half as hard on finding and keeping the right life partner, making nanny poaching a severe problem for those with nannies and money.

Photo – Mary Poppins returns

These desperate parents have redefined ‘wooing’ by showering child-minders with gifts and pledges of a luxurious lifestyle in the longing that she will ditch her owners and jump the superyacht to look after their children instead. If a $93,000 annual salary isn’t enticing enough, they have thrown in fancy spa treatments, luxury cars, and holidays abroad. One family hit the final nail in the coffin by luring a potential child-minder with an all-expenses-paid Chelsea flat into the deal.

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Shiny Range Rovers are offered to fitting nannies. Photo – Range Rover

Such offers have left parents with nannies feeling hapless, and while they may not offer that Rolls Royce, they ensure nannies should be given generous pay rises as soon as possible to avoid her getting poached. According to Daily Mail, Challenger said, ‘I heard of one family who stole their friends’ nanny after they’d seen how good she was while at a dinner party at their house. They subtly got hold of her number and offered her a £70,000 salary and a Range Rover as a signing bonus.’ there certainly isn’t a better time to be a nanny. Childcare founder Richard Conway said: ‘We’re seeing families throwing in incentives such as cars, regular spa treatments, and foreign holidays.’

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Nannies are making more money than teachers, with the average teacher’s salary for London lying between $35,700 to $67500. Even inexperienced 19-year-olds end up making nearly $500 per week, as well as incentives like gym memberships, retail vouchers, and other perks. Having said that, a nannies job, especially in wealthy families, isn’t easy. It means keeping up with erratic schedules, little time-off, inflexible hours, and high expectations.

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