St. Paul’s Episcopal Church gets a $2million offer for its 13 stained glass windows

As a religious institution churches not only server as a house of prayer to the lord but also have an added responsibility of taking care of its followers too. And whether to follow popular trends or not, is a big decision that the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Paterson, New Jersey has to make. It has an offer for $3million for 13 the stained glass windows installed inside the holy structure. Although the church is not really in need to immediate funds, the money can help them for their after-school program and their community development corporation programs like the food pantry and men’s shelter.As per a report from the Episcopal News Service, Christie’s estimate an auction price that the windows’ can fetch between $1,260,000 and $1,930,000.

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However an independent appraiser has set the value at $2,515,000, specifically $1,900,000 to $2,300,000 would be a fair price to earn. The cost of restoration of these windows would come to around $500,000. Of the 13, Louis Tiffany has crafted 12 and the one is the artwork of artist John La Farge.

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