R2D2 Projector has it all

The R2D2 Projector is simply the most fantabulous piece of Star Wars junket that you can own. Not quite a junket, the project is so multi-functional that you won’t be leaving it alone for even a second! A working remote control replica of R2D2 (built to 1/2 scale), with real sounds and lights from the movie, it doubles up as a projector for video and still images. It projects onto your wall up to 80 inches from corner to corner. You can play your DVD and CD via the integrated player. External devices can be hooked on via the video and audio ports. You can even project your stuff directly via the memory card (SD, MMC, Memory Stick, and Smart Media) and USB flash drives. Sync it with your iPod (3rd generation and higher) as it even has a docking station hidden in a compartment in R2D2’s body. It features 20W speakers.

R2D2 is fully motorized and his remote control is a scaled replica of the Millennium Falcon. The legs can be tilted backward to facilitate ceiling projection. The remote allows you to control all of R2D2’s movements as well as video and audio functions and gives you full control over your iPod’s menu, which can also be projected. The various sensors in his body make sure that R2D2 doesn’t topple over stuff, fall down the stairs, and is at least 1.5m away from the projection wall. For further specs visit the site, as it is expected to come out in September 2007 for around $4000.

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