Neither beastlike nor breakneck, this sleek Bugatti EV is the 19-mph scooter no one knew they needed

If you want to revisit your childhood but not without taking Gen Alpha’s tech along then, Bugatti has released a pretty slick-looking scooter. It is undoubtedly a tad bit disappointing for Bugatti Chiron Super Sports fans that hits a top speed of 304 mph. Bugatti’s all-electric foldable scooter is two wheels and several horsepowers short of that kind of performance. It’s eco-friendly, easy to zip in and out of nearby destinations, and is powered by a 700-watt electric motor. Assuming this is aimed at a separate target group, Bugatti teamed up with Bytech International to unveil an all-electric foldable scooter for everyday use.

The battery is removable and can be recharged from a standard wall outlet in around 4 hours. Other standout features fitted in the sleek body are a digital dash displaying speed and battery life. The monogrammed rear light shines the famous reverse “EB” ligature onto the ground. There are turn signals and tail lights provided for protection. Electrek reports, managing director of Bugatti International Wiebke Stahl explained, “Bugatti is at the pinnacle of automotive excellence. Partnering with a company such as Bytech allows us to expand our reach in the electric mobility space with an experienced partner and a product that consumers around the world can enjoy.”

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The electric scooter boasts a top speed of 30 km/h and is constructed of magnesium alloy. The nice-looking scooter that admittedly looks like oodles of fun comes in three colourways Agile Blue, Silver, and Black. The scooter weighs just 35 pounds, and though nothing like the fast and furious Bugatti Veyrons, they can surely take one where these supercars won’t even fit.

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