Watch out Bugatti – Mercedes is planning a $2 million hypercar of its own

This bit of news is as undetailed as the beast it speaks about is efficient. Yes, that’s what’s cooking in the German kitchen of Mercedes-AMG. On the occasion of 50 years of AMG’s existence, a very secretive project has been unleashed and it involves the making of a hypercar with the codename R50 being used.

Pressefahrveranstaltung Mercedes-AMG GT S, Laguna Seca, Nov 2014, designo iridiumsilber magno, Leder Exklusiv Nappa red pepper/schwarz
From the design perspective, the car will be designed along the lines of a Le Mans prototype racer. From adaptive suspension to rear-wheel steering, the R50 is expected to be a dream to drive on tarmac. But that isn’t all. It comes with an amazing combination of a slight engine with incredible capabilities.

Word has it that the car will employ a ‘hybrid powertrain consisting of 2 electric motors and a mid-mounted petrol engine’. This translates to absolute power generated from a modest 2-liter turbocharged engine. A maximum of 1000 horsepower is expected from the engine with an additional 300 horsepower being pumped in by the electric motors. To reduce the load on the engine, the weight of the machine will also reduce with a carbon-fiber body. The expected weight should easily be under the 1300 kg mark.

If you’re taking shots at what the price could be then we wouldn’t blame you if you placed it north of $2 million.

Note – Pictured Mercedes AMG GT.

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