Japan Airlines is trying out Immersive virtual reality headsets

Over the past decade, the flying experience has gone through a major change, we now have in-flight showers, onboard bars, ambient lighting, etc etc. Something that has been practically left in the shadows is the in-flight entertainment. Sure, we do have thousands of channels, superior screens but in the end, there has not been any revolution just evolution. But, change is on the way, the TV screen in front of your seat will soon be replaced by a virtual reality headset. Passengers can experience media in an extremely immersive environment, Air France was the first to experiment with Virtual Reality headsets and now Japan Airlines is following suit.

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After a trial run at Handa airport, JAL will now offer selected passengers the VR experience using the Samsung Gear VR and the Samsung S8. Passengers will be able to experience specially curated programming on Germany, Argentina, the Nagoya fireworks and more.


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