Aspen One watch comes accompanied with special Aspen One Glove

Watchmakers are always going that extra mile to please their loyal customers. And if you are an avid skier, you must definitely opt for brand Aspen. Keeping in mind the timekeeping needs of the ski-buff, Aspen has made a special high quality skiing glove with a “porthole” for a watch. The unique glove is being offered with the brands timepieces. The brand’s watch is customizable and known as the Aspen One while the special glove is christened, the Aspen One Glove. The gloves come as a set and you also order for the right glove to have the porthole if you wear your watch on the other wrist.

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The watches of the famed brand which is named after the popular skiing destination in Colorado are both unique and attractive. The dial has the time and a chronograph, with the large watch containing a Swiss ETA 2894-2 automatic movement. What is more, the case of the watch opens to reveal a compass! A special series of indicators around the compass can be specially used to locate things while on Aspen Mountain with the Aspen One watch.
While open, the watch movement can be seen from the caseback crystal. The Aspen One watch is available in various styles including a DLC coated case as well as a diamond studded case for luxury lovers. What is more, once you but the limited edition Aspen One watch, you get your name on a little plate attached to an Aspen One monument. The monument is located up on Aspen Mountain at 3,267 feet.
If you are an avid ski-buff who spends every holiday testing the Aspen slopes, the $40,000 price tag for this exclusive watch will definitely not seem too much for you.

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