This rare 286 year old violin by Guarneris may fetch $4.8 million at auction

A penchant for music or appreciation for history – that’s all it would take for you to appreciate this legendary item from the yesteryears. We’re talking about a rare violin that has been made by renowned artist Guarneris.

Known as a rival of the famous Stradivarius, Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarnerius, or “del Gesù” as he is called, produced the music instrument in the period of 1736-1740 (also considered his most mature period as an artist). Only 150 Guarnerius instruments have been identified to date, as opposed to 1,000 Stradivarius instruments that are known to exist. Most of the former’s creations are further said to retain a ‘sweetness but have an unequaled depth and darkness of sound.’

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The violin in question was played by Régis Pasquier (who currently owns it) for the first time during the Folles Journée de Nantes over twenty years ago. Recalling his stint with the violin, Pasquier in a statement said:

“This instrument sounds on its own; it has an exceptional resonance. Something extraordinary coming out of such a small instrument! The audience was able to give each violin a grade, and our instrument received by far the highest score.”

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It has been more than 10 years since a violin by Guarnerius has come to auction, which makes this one more special. The iconic instrument also comes with a certificate from Charles Beare, touted by many as the ‘the world’s most esteemed authenticator.’

The Guarneris’ violin’s estimated price currently stands between $4.3 million and $4.8 million.

[Via: Artdaily]

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