This absolutely gorgeous glass-top coffee table has a Ferrari F105 V8 engine built into it, and it’s up for sale

This could very well be the sexiest coffee table ever made, at least from the perspective of a hardcore Ferrari fan. What you’re looking at is a beautifully finished Ferrari V8 engine that has been turned into a coffee table. And, guess what? This jaw-dropping item is actually up for grabs. The Ferrari V8 coffee table is being auctioned by Bring a Trailer out of Napa, California with no reserve price. Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of coffee tables made out of engine blocks, including the one that featured a 5.2-liter Lamborghini V10 engine as its base. However, most of them are polished to their bare metal finish and have their engine heads removed to expose the pistons. This is where the Ferrari V8 coffee table stands out.

According to the listing, the coffee table was constructed using a Ferrari F105 V8 block sourced from a Ferrari 308. However, a Silodrome report claims that the powertrain “was actually not fitted to a Ferrari.” Instead, it is one of the engines that were supplied by Ferrari to be fitted to a Lancia Thema 8·32 four-door luxury sedan. The 2,927cc 90º “Quattrovalvole” unit came fitted with a cross-plane type crankshaft rather than the usual flat-plane crankshaft and was capable of producing 215 bhp.

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The V8 engine used for the coffee table has been aesthetically overhauled. The engine block and the transmission case are finished in Ferrari red while the rocker cover and the header pipes are painted in black. The engine also features Ferrari’s branding and the iconic Prancing Horse logo along with the Italian flag.

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Sitting on top of the V8 engine block is a rectangular tempered glass tabletop, which is supported by four padded metal posts. Interestingly, eight trumpet-shaped polished velocity stacks rise above the tabletop through cutouts on the surface. As per the official listing, the Ferrari engine block lacks internal components. The jaw-dropping piece of furniture comes with its own shipping crate for easy transport and has a top bid of $6200 at the time of writing. You must hurry in case you’re interested as the bidding ends in two days.

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