This Japanese brand has created a luxury bag for carrying your snowman

When Japanese Marquee Tsuchiya Kaban unveiled a luxury leather handbag crafted to hold a single watermelon, a lot of social media buzz was generated. Even if you have no plans of going watermelon-shopping for a single piece, you can still use the commodious bag for storing your essentials like phones, keys, cards, wallet, etc. but what does one do with the meticulous creation, the ‘Snowman Carrier’ that is part of Tsuchiya Kaban’s ‘The Fun of Carrying’ series? That bag is seriously designed, keeping the nitty-gritty of carrying a specific-sized snow pal around in mind. Tsuchiya Kaban’s craftswoman Yuko Matsuzawa came up with this wintery concept as she watched the snow falling one winter’s day. The revered brand also faced innumerable challenges to make a bag that can carry only one small snowman. Selecting appropriate materials to fit the purpose of carrying something that melts into water led them to opt for waterproof, oil-resistant leather used to craft the brand’s popular, waterproof Otona Randsel 003. On the outside, the bag has a waterproof zipper, and inside, it is lined with thermally-insulated polyester fiber fabric to ensure your snowman arrives intact.

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The Yukidaruma Bag comes in a subtle graphite grey and impersonates the silhouette of a snowman. It comes equipped with a dedicated tray with a circular indent, which can easily be pushed in and out of the bag’s bottom to ensure the snowman’s safety. A long, narrow pocket on the inside of the cover has been specifically created to hold the snowman’s nose. To completely succumb to a winter wonderland and not lose the company of your dear snow pal, the Yukidaruma Bag is the best purchase of the season. In summers, you can use it to carry your phone; now it’s a win-win situation!

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