Effortlessly glide along the waterways at 29 mph with Radinn’s Wakejet Cruise wakeboard

Ever had that low feeling when you wanted to go surfing but there weren’t any waves? Or the time you thought you’d hit the jet skis and realized you didn’t have one because you couldn’t afford it or you didn’t want to offend Mother Nature with the wastage of gas? Or couldn’t afford gas? Well the guys down (or should I say “up”) at Radinn, a company based out of Sweden, have exactly what you need to get past these pesky obstacles. So without further ado, enter the first ever electric powered wakeboard – the Wakejet Cruise.

radinn-electric-wakeboard-2The company is out to revolutionize the water sport industry and the Wakejet Cruise just might be their ticket to fame. This specially designed, latest in water sport equipment, is designed using lightweight carbon fiber with a saltwater-resistant jet propulsion system that’s electric. That’s right, no gas! It’s actually battery powered and also self-propelled. And get this, it comes with a wireless handheld remote (it’s totally waterproof so don’t worry) that lets you control your speed. Think of it as a water-based, jet-powered skateboard. The battery should allow you about 30-60 minutes of “play-time” (depending on speed) which, personally, doesn’t quite seem enough. And what happens if I’m too far away from the shore? I hope it comes with a paddle; tucked in neatly someplace on the board. Weighing in at just 64lb (29kg), inventors Alexander Lind and Philip Werner say that the Wakejet Cruise can hit up to 29 mph on the water ways.

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radinn-electric-wakeboard-1All said and done, the Wakejet Cruise is still in its prototype phase which means there’s plenty of room for improvement – from speed to battery power. Perhaps the inclusion of solar panels someplace would allow the battery to charge up while on the go. The Cruise is expected to hit the stores sometime next year for a price of $19,375 so all you water sport fans out there, better start saving up.

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