Catch a Hawaiian wave with the Kai ‘Ewalu Stand-Up Paddleboard

There is a new paddleboard doing the rounds, or awaiting to be taken on a round, in this case. But before you consider that, what makes this one so special? Besides its brilliant fluorescence, that is. It may not be the world’s most expensive SUP Board but the Kai ‘Ewalu Stand-Up Paddleboard is lime, state-of-the-art, limited edition and more!

Created by Anthropologie in collaboration with Saffron James, this exquisite piece of paddle boarding gear is inlaid with vintage silk ikat and super Suzani fabric. Featuring an EPS foam core and fiberglass shell with epoxy and custom fabric, each comes handmade by an expert Hawaiian board shaper. There are only 12 of these limited edition boards, each tagged with its Hawaiian name and the date it was made, along with a matching paddle and mini tote. The $11,000 price tag includes a booklet, three fins, fin key, instructions, EZ Plug handle, EZ Plug leash plug and ankle leash. Now, go!

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[Available at Anthropologie and Fancy]