One of New York’s most expensive restaurant is done with tipping

Having been ranked not only as one of the best restaurants in New York but also in the world, Eleven Madison Park should definitely be on your radar. Widely known as one of the Big Apple’s most expensive restaurants, the 3 Michelin starred restaurant is now in the news for its decision to eliminate tipping. Restaurant Proprietors Daniel Humm and Will Guidara stated that they will be raising prices; their 12-15 course tasting menu will go from $225 to $295, with additional charges for the wine pairings and taxes. This means that the price of the tasting men has been increased by 31%. A table for two at the restaurant will now cost more than $1,000.

Because of the newly priced tasting menu, other items at Eleven Madison will not see as substantial an increase in price. “I just don’t feel comfortable raising wine prices by 25 percent,” Guidara said. Beverage pairings will be priced $15 higher (that’s an increase from $155 to $170), wine prices will be increased by approximately 7-10%.

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The price hike is part of a wider move in New York to end tipping and also end the wage gap between waiters and cooks. Waiters are able to make extra money in tips but chefs are not so lucky. That said, the fixed salary will also help stabilize the income of wait staff so that they don’t have to rely on tips to get by. Kitchen workers at Eleven Madison Park will now earn an extra $1 per hour, while line cooks and pastry cooks will earn $2 more. The price increase for wait staff has not been specified but Guidara says that the increase will bring their hourly wage up to what they were formerly earning inclusive of tips.

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“I want people to walk out without tipping and to feel great about doing that,” Guidara said, “We want to make sure that last moment of the meal is not one where guests are questioning everything they’ve been told up until that moment.”

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