Paris to welcome its first floating hotel

Way up north or somewhere in the desert, a floating hotel holds charm and adventure. And what could be more exciting that to enjoy the City of Lights all day long in a 400 sq m terrace and be ‘rocked to sleep’ at night? Paris thinks of everything. The city is sitting on the edge of a chair awaiting its latest spectacle – a floating hotel, a stone’s throw away from the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The Off-Paris Seine hotel will be located, well, on the River Seine which will be installed in the coming weeks. It is currently being assembled in Normandy and plans are sketched for a grand opening sometime next spring.

The hotel will have 54 rooms and four suites as well as a 15 metre swimming pool. Room rates are anticipated between $171 and $483 a night. The hotel is a partnership between French boutique hotel chain Elegancia and Citysurfing, yet another French company known to make eco-friendly floating surfaces. As mentioned earlier, the architect says that the hotel won’t make you feel sick in the stomach with the motion as it won’t be on rough waters and will be floating in one location. That is still too soon to say, but hey, if you can catch a wink in a multi-million dollar yacht, then this should be a piece of cake.

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