World’s tallest Ferris wheel to rise up in New York City’s Staten Island

It’s an ambiguous answer to the question of the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The Las Vegas Ferris wheel at 550 feet, or the Beijing Great Wheel at 680 feet, or the Moscow Observation Wheel at 722 feet or even the Singapore Flyer at 541 feet. Now the Ferris wheels in Beijing and Moscow never got completed and are regarded as failures, so with the Staten Island Ferris wheel, proposed to come upon the island’s waterfront, it is supposed to be the tallest Ferris wheel the world, standing at the height of 600 feet.

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The 600 feet tall Ferris wheel will take over two commuter parking lots near the Staten Island ferry terminal. The wheel is intended to capitalize on the island’s amazing views of Manhattan. “It’s the greatest thing that has been proposed for Staten Island, especially on the waterfront. This could landmark us. We have 2 million tourists a year on the ferry, so we have a built-in audience to use it, and it’s a different audience every day. Once you can attract them off that boat, you got them here,” explained the Island’s Borough President James Molinaro.
Although the wheel is still in its planning stages, many companies are interested in developing the idea. Negotiations are happening even on the proposed site, with optional sites coming to the thinking table. Although it seems certain that the ferry terminal would be a good spot considering they already have an inflow of tourists daily, you can never be sure of the final decision. According to Molinaro, “We spent 50 years being the borough with the largest dump in the world — it’s only fair that we have the largest Ferris wheel.”

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