These two dinosaur skeletons are 160 million years old and in perfect condition and can be yours for $1.4 million

If you’re a paleontologist in your own right and have always been fond of owning a dinosaur, here’s your one chance to live that dream! A well-known Paris auction house is all set to sell two dinosaur skeletons for an estimated price of a staggering $1.4 million. And given the recent popularity of fossils amongst collectors, these dinosaur goodies are expected sell out faster than we can imagine!

On sale will be a 12.5-foot-long Allosaurus, which is said to be about 60 percent complete, along with the majestic Diplodocus standing tall at about 39 feet, with no specific details on its completion. While the Allosaurus skeleton is expected to fetch about $800,000 on sale, its latter counterpart is estimated to bring in a rough $618,000. As per Lacopo Briano, dinosaur expert at Binoche et Giquello, “The fossil market is no longer just for scientists, Dinosaurs have become cool, trendy — real objects of decoration, like paintings.”

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It’s no wonder then that dinosaur remains are selling more popularly amongst private collectors than scientific organizations and museums. Million-dollar sales such as that of a 150-million-year-old full-sized Stegosaurus and the T-Rex Skeleton in the past few years, show just how high in demand this extinct species really is. And with Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicolas Cage also being of these pre-historic creatures, there’s not much debate about their appeal anyway!

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