Hermès’ new Sellier Birkin may be a minimal masterpiece but at $14,900, the price is as extravagant as ever

Just when we thought we had seen every possible variation of the Hermès Birkin, the brand has once again thrown us a curveball by introducing a new minimal take on the cult favorite handbag. Doing away with diamonds, graffiti and other trimmings, the Hermès Sellier Birkin 40 is a muted, pared down version of the classic. Many may have thought that the bag would be disappointingly ordinary when stripped down to its bare essentials, yet somehow the Sellier Birkin is more gorgeously covetable than ever before! Hermès does know how to through fans for a loop.

Design director Couli Jobert wanted “to create an essential design without clutter” (according to T-Magazine) and consequently removed the famous lock and key, concealed the stitching and smoothed out the edges of the bag. He also did away with the interior lining. In keeping with the theme of minimalism, the 40 cm bag comes in a single color and finish- matte black cowhide with silver palladium hardware. This basic bag will cost you $14,900.

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Birkin fans are usually excited by any new product from the brand, and it is to be expected that this avatar will be as well received and coveted as any other. It is almost fitting that as the bag’s biggest celebrity champions Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian find their personal style heading into a more mature and understated direction, their favorite handbag gets a matching makeover!

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