Marc Jacobs and South Park team up for the Muscle Man Marc

Designer Marc Jacobs was a very happy man when he made an appearance on South Park last November as Cartman’s “Muscle Man Marc” stuffed doll. It was a really cute incarnation and I simply adored him in his cartoonish avatar. Very soon, the designer had the cartoon doll replica tattooed on to his forearm. The saga didn’t just end there; Jacobs teamed up with the TV show earlier this year for a range of T shirts that benefitted the NYC Cancer Institute and now he’s gone on to do something else – Dishing out “Muscle Man Marc” South Park Doll.

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The “Muscle Man Marc” South Park Doll goes on sale this Friday, June 14 in a limited edition of only 500 pieces. The dolls will cost $125 each at Marc Jacobs Store nationwide and throughout Europe as well as online on the MarcJacobs website.
[Available at Marc Jacobs via Hypebeast]