Superstar Pharrell ropes in Zaha for Supershell Adidas range of supersonic-like shoes

Collaborations, collaborations, and collaborations. There is so much collaboration in the world of fashion, art, and hospitality that one is forced to wonder what if governments did the same. So much beauty can be created of healthy collaborations that it must be a topic of serious study and consideration. Here is a super category collaboration – William Pharrell, Zaha Hadid and Adidas. How, we wonder – music, architecture and sport – woven into symbiosis through mere passion and creativity.

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Oh, if only Yeats and Shakespeare were alive and thriving yet! Their blogs would be laden with such beautiful collaborations.
And, anyhoo! It’s a shoe, for men, and called Supershell. The artistic patterns are contributed by the cat woman of structural design – Zaha – evident on just a glance at the shoe. Pharrell, whose association with Adidas started a year ago in 2014, is all starry-eyed about Zaha, who is his favourite architect. He feels that her designs are like her buildings, ‘they augment reality forever’. Strong words. As for Zaha, she is no stranger to the field of footwear fashion, or anything that could some pepping up. The new collection of Superstar Pharrell Supershell shoe range also includes designs by Todd James and Japanese artist Mr. The limited range will be launched in two weeks.

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[Via – Design Boom]

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