Mercedes-Benz Style finalizes Silver Arrows Marine Granturismo Motor Yacht Concept design

Nothing defines absolute luxury better than superyacht sailing in open water. Last year, at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show, a UK-based firm ‘Silver Arrow Marine’ showcased the concept Granturismo motor yacht, which was being developed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz. The design renderings were convention-breaking and managed to become the show stopper. Almost a year later, yesterday, the company announced they have cruised past a significant new milestone in its development with the signing-off of the final design jointly developed with Mercedes Benz Style team.

The 14m (46 feet) long motor yacht has a radical design that has the potential to re-define yachting. The first Granturismo of the seas, this superyacht perfectly blends luxury with out-right performance. The German auto maker’s years of experience in building road-going marvels helped design the clean-sheet aerodynamic body. All the methods generally associated with designing cars, like carving clay models, were used. Despite its relatively small size, it has huge cabin space and offers a unique rear seating arrangement.

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Rest of the details will be presented at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. It will be an utter delight to watch this sleek Granturismo sprinting in the ocean.






[Via – Silver-Arrow-Marine]

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