Why this has been the worst week in 2021 for Donald Trump? Reeling under a debt burden of $1.1 billion to putting his beloved Washington DC Hotel on sale to deleting his blog and a lot more.

When was the last time you read a positive piece of news that was related to Trump? It’s difficult to recollect, right? That’s because the year 2021 has been exceptionally impossible for the former president and his family. Their family dramas keep raging on along with Donald Trump’s claims of returning to the White House in August. Trouble is looming for the former US president, who is facing a barrage of lawsuits and is under tremendous financial pressure. Donald Trump stumbled by 300 points in the Forbes billionaire rankings as he lost $1 billion since he took office. His hotel business is also perpetually suffering, what with the travel industry’s most important luxury travel agency Virtuoso removing all Trump hotels and resorts from its network. I’m sure by now Trump has mastered his problem-solving techniques, but what happens when they hit you all together? This week has been particularly tumultuous, with a ton of things going wrong for ‘Captain Chaos.’ We have listed below a string of things that have gone bad for him in a matter of only seven days:

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Permanently deleting his ne’er-do-well blog:
Trump has shut down his blog for good. While that would be bad news for him, it doesn’t seem like the worst thing to have happened to the world. Deleting “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” aka Trump’s own Twitter, might just save him some backlash in the long run! Former President Donald Trump launched this platform after being kicked out of pretty much every major social media platform. What was meant to be a platform for Trump to voice his many opinionated onions turned out to be a slapdash blog dressed up as a social media site.

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Putting up the crown in his hospitality portfolio on sale (again):
With several investigations heating up against Donald Trump the man had to also take the hard decision of parting ways with his beloved iconic property The Trump International Hotel Washington DC. This was the company’s second effort, to sell the Pennsylvania Avenue hotel, for which they hired the brokerage firm Newmark Group to market the lease. They tried to sell it during 2019 which surprisingly was the same year The Trump International Hotel Washington DC was awarded one of the most prestigious hospitality awards there is – the Forbes Five Star Award.

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The National Enquirer fined for illegal Trump campaign aid:
The National Enquirer was fined by Federal Election Commission for paying Karen McDougal $150,000 in August 2016. The payment was made to keep her story from becoming public before the presidential election. This action isn’t new for the National Enquirer that has for years buried stories about Trump with the strategy of buying the rights to these stories and then not publishing them.

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Donald Trump Jr’s $500 Cameo videos:
Speaking of ‘speaking to fans’ Donald Trump Jr. the former president’s eldest son and top surrogate is also walking the same path as his father, only he is charging $500 for it. His name is popping everywhere owing to his $500 Cameo videos where the former president’s son is using the app to further his family’s political agenda.

The executive vice president of the Trump Organization describes himself as a ‘Father, Patriot, Outdoorsman, Political Commentator and #1 NYT Bestselling author’ on his Cameo profile.

All of this took place within a week in Donald Trump’s life which clearly proves, ‘Heavy is the head that wears the crown’. Could this be the worst week for Trump in 2021? Or is the future even more daunting?

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