Bentley expands its product line with a glistening precious gemstone collection

Bentley is synonymous with world-class innovation, craftsmanship and is known to be a legendary brand. It is given the world a wide range of class-apart, handcrafter cars and has over 100 years of heritage in creating great automobiles. The same finesse is applied to every product coming to you via the Bentley stables whether it is the ultra-exclusive offering, the Mulliner Bacalar, a furniture collection, or a stroller; if it’s Bentley it is the absolute best. Now Bentley is lending the same expertise and grandeur to a new dimension of wearable luxury accessories. The iconic brand is combining the magic of ruby, tourmaline, sapphire, tanzanite, aquamarine, emerald, tsavorite, mandarin-garnet, and padparadscha sapphire and Paraiba tourmaline with exceptionally high-quality materials with distinctive designs that possess endless appeal. Each of these exquisite precious pieces comes engraved with the iconic Bentley wings inside it posing to be a thoughtful reminder of the remarkable object in your possession. The use of such a wide variety of colored stones is synonymous with Bentley’s focus on the range of paint and finishes through which customers can personalize their car. For instance, Bentley’s famous Sequin Blue color is still a popular choice with clients and is interpreted wonderfully with the use of tanzanite gemstone.

Maria Mulder, Bentley’s Head of Color & Trim, says research indicates a deep connection between color and personal emotions. ‘Color influences mood. There are subtle differences that change every year within the palettes we use. The environment and the social circumstance in which we live also affect, so now we see warmer tones, not the recent neutral tones or simply the black and white of the cars of the mid-1990s”. The jewelry collection features rings, earrings, pendants, and prices for the Bentley Jewellery Precious Gemstone Collection start from $7000.

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