A motorcycle garage that doubles as a wet bar for your yacht

The super-rich love their super-expensive toys and we all know that yacht and luxury cars are their favorites, but some of them are even avid motorcycle riders and love flaunting their custom built two-wheelers. We have seen many concept yachts that have bespoke garage for their supercars like the Strand Craft 166 and Strand Craft 122 super-yachts but strangely enough we have never come across a similar yacht concept that has a special storage for motorcycles. But now we finally have one; Danish custom motorcycle builder Lauge Jensen in partnership with Austrian luxury yacht builder Dominator Yachts showed off an amazing concept named the ‘Lauge Jensen Tender’ which has a unique but elegant way of storing a motorcycle onboard a yacht.

Introduced at the prestigious Düsseldorf Boat Show this year, the Lauge Jensen Tender is a bike garage built on the top deck of the yacht which can unload the motorcycle on the dock with the help of a mechanical arm. What’s more interesting is that the container of the motorcycle doubles up as a bar counter on the deck of the yacht without wasting any unnecessary space. For a bike builder which has been credited for making the world’s most expensive motorcycle — $880,000 Lauge Jensen Gold Bike – it’s only natural that superrich yacht owners will take interest in their creations and the Lauge Jensen Tender is one amazing concept. Have a look at the video after the jump which explains the mechanism.

YouTube video

[Via – Nauta360]

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