From Times Square to the sun kissed beaches of Rio – Here is how Coronavirus has changed the face of the world’s most crowded places

World peace was all we have always wanted. The world is now peaceful but let’s be honest we are missing the usual chaos and bustle of our daily lives. Coronavirus has led to us quarantining ourselves and locking our lives in the four walls of our humble abodes. While there’s chatter inside our homes the outskirts are a stark contrast. Places around the world that are included in everyone’s buckets lists are now vacant. Listed below are pictures that exhibit the eerie silence of our planet and its very famous, once-overcrowded spots-

Times Square, New York City-
Who could’ve thought a day would come when Times Square would be without a single soul wandering, without the sounds of cameras and the chaos of herds of people?

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Buckingham Palace, London-
Where has the usual throng of people gone? Coronavirus has done the impossible task of pushing people into their homes away from the royal residence.

La Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain
Having enjoyed this bustling street myself, it is truly shocking to see La Ramblas in Barcelona so high and dry.

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The Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C
While the cherry blossoms bloomed in D.C, this otherwise very visited Lincoln Memorial remained deserted.

Piazza Navona, Rome
A public place made for artists and tourists now lies empty with neither in attendance.

Arpoador beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Even sunny days and warm temperatures are not enticing enough to bring visitors to this beauty of beach thanks to the coronavirus outbreak that requires people to stay indoors and self-quarantine.

[Via: Quartz]

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