Tag Heuer teases their upcoming Android Wear smartwatch

The smartwatch is fast becoming a popular accessory and with just a few major players that are holding the fort, Tag Heuer is making their entry at the most opportune time. Of course Tag will be catering to the more affluent crowd with their soon to be revealed Android Wear smartwatch that the watchmaker has been teasing on the social networks. This isn’t exactly something that has caught the Android Wear community off-guard as the company’s CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, had already spoken about a smartwatch that was due to be launched in November, so their little teaser image on twitter is merely the most recent step in its marketing campaign.

Their recent reveal is a rather dark semi-lit watch, shrouded in shadows, that appears to be following Samsung and LG with a round dial format. Other details seem to indicate that the watch would have numbers fixed on the dial’s bezel at five minute breaks. An engraving saying “Tag Heuer Connected” is also etched on the bezel but there’s no telling if that’s what the watch would be called, or if this is just a series indicator which could mean there might be more devices on the horizon. A singular button on the side could be what’s used to traverse between screens if the display is not touch-sensitive. What looks like a black rubberized strap is also what’s partially visible from the image making its rounds in horological circles and the Android community. Their website for the watch also highlights the fact that the watch will be made in “Partnership with Google and Intel”, which we were already aware of.

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This is not the company’s first run with Android smart-devices; their Meridiist Infinite was the latest in their smartphone line-up and their Racer series also showed off their skills at designing high-end, uber luxurious smartphones. Naturally the next step was to start prepping accessories for their handsets and the smartwatch was the next inevitable step that marries their primary expertise with new-age connected technology.

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There have been no official details regarding the upcoming Android Wear infused smartwatch, not even a definitive name; as of now their webpage only indicates a countdown timer making its way up to a November 09th possible launch date. Their hash tag “#connectedtoeternity” could be some indication of the name, but it’s just speculation at best for now. Pricing is estimated to be somewhere in the vicinity of $1,400 and according to some reports it’s also possible that the watch would be upgradeable in some way. This effectively makes it the most expensive (non-customized or bejeweled) smartwatch announced so far.

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